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Which age do we live in, according to Hesiod?

Hesiod describes the Five Ages in his poem Works and Days (lines 109 - 201) 1. Their order is: Golden Age, ruled by Cronus, Silver Age, when Zeus rule begins, Bronze Age, an age of tough men that ...
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Is the apocalypse prophesied by Hesiod mentioned elsewhere?

This is an interesting idea. At least Ovid appears to take up the prophecy. After narrating the Gold-Bronze Ages, he quickly glides over the Gigantomachy and then discusses the great flood of ...
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What does Hesiod mean by "babies will be born with gray hair" in the Iron Age?

I believe this version is a bit more illuminating. Grey at birth seems to imply by the surrounding text to mean a belief they are mature before their time. Thereafter, would that I were not among ...
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What is the great gulf mentioned by Hesiod?

Yes, this "great gulf" (χάσμα μέγ') and chaos are one and the same. Gulf, chasm, abyss, void, or gap is an older meaning (LSJ; Wiki) for a term that in modern English has come to mean ...
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Why does Zielinski's Law exist? Were the poets unable to say "meanwhile"?

You absolutely could say "meanwhile" in ancient Greek. It's not a matter of what words to use, but of the narrative practice of oral poetry. The problem is that Zielinski and some ...
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Is the apocalypse prophesied by Hesiod mentioned elsewhere?

It is not actually the end times, as there is no universal apocalypse in the Greek canon (so far as I know,) but only a cleansing of the world of the evil race of men. Ovid is probably the best ...
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Why does archaic mythic literature undercut its own pretensions to explain origins?

In short, you're expecting too much. It's always a mistake to expect mythology to be internally consistent. Mythology is not a fantasy novel or an RPG, with consistent worldbuilding and character ...
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