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Looking for good information on Australian Aboriginal Mythology

Australian Aboriginal myths in some regards are a little unique in the sense that many of their creatures are derived from the traditions of Aboriginal Dreamtime. A word of caution: many of these ...
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Who is Cleverman?

An article in The Sydney Morning Herald has the creator of Cleverman, Ryan Griffen, discussing the traditional Aboriginal role of the Cleverman. The article paints a picture of the Cleverman as a ...
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Who is Cleverman?

A whole book has been written about the Cleverman, title Aboriginal Men Of High Degree by A.P. Elkin. Elkin was a anthropologist who actually lived with the tribes to get the knowledge. The Cleverman ...
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Why is the Loch Ness monster all the way from Scotland draw so many parallels with the Hawkesbury river monster?

Haha. great question on modern mythology! (I'd never even heard of the Hawkesbury River Monster.) You might want to look into the ideas of Carl Jung regarding archetypes. He wrote a book Flying ...
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What is Thardid Jimbo's story?

TL;DR He kills the hunter just because he hates and likes eating humans. The sisters defeat him by luring him into a cave and then burning the entrance. A version of the story can be found on Myths ...
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Why is the Serpent the most common motif as the creator in indigenous Australian cultures?

The snake as a symbol for creation is common across many cultures mythologies. The mythologist Joseph Campbell pointed out that The serpent sheds its skin to be born again ... it lives by killing ...
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Is there a relationship between the Dreamtime and dreaming?

I think in it's entirety the term Dreaming or Dream-time has more to do with consciousness than dreams during sleep. However if you've ever travelled you'll know that spending time in a place will ...
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