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Looking for stories on the Torngarsuk (Inuit mythology)

Tornarsuk was the "ruler of the torneit or guardian spirits" [1], but cited as "when something goes wrong or when something interferes with the best-laid plans, it is often attibuted to the evil ...
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How can I find the meanings of certain words of the Inuit language?

You have this dictionary: I would like to notice the problem when reading such old books made by pioneers is that the lack of any norms ...
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What is the origin of the akhlut's name?

Found two Yupik dictionaries but neither had 'akhlut'. Then found the article below: Akhlut Other Names Kăk-whăn'-û-ghăt Kǐg-û-lu'-nǐk Origin ...
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Is there an English translation of the Inuit story "Mother of the Dog Children"?

The text on that page seems to come from this collection of stories. The text is attributed to a Neil Christopher. The year at the end of the text (ᕘᐊᔅ, 1901, ᒪᑉᐱᒐᑦ 163-165) also appears in the ...
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