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This reminded me of the unique "Kill Bill" (Vols. I & II) movies. Found the following on Pinterest: Pai Mei played by Kung Fu movie legend Gordon Liu in Kill Bill - character is based off of the villain White Lotus with Gordon Liu as the hero. It was a 1980 Shaw Brothers Kung Fu film called Fist of the White Lotus. In that movie after delivering ...


神檀樹 in Literary Chinese literally means: 神 (shén) : spirit / deity 檀 (tán): sandalwood / hardwood 樹 (shù): tree Translating 神檀樹 as "Divine Betula" is not supported by the characters. 檀 (tán) would have to be substituted by 樺 (huà).


There are two separate, somewhat incomptaible traditions regarding King Suro. The first origin story comes from a now-lost work, but is quoted in the Samguk Yusa 삼국유사 (三國遺事) by the 13th century monk Iryeon. This states that a purple rope was spotted hanging from heaven; beneath the rope was a golden box wrapped in red cloth; and inside there were six golden ...

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