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Can the unbreakable lid specifically in the Work and Days version of Pandora be taken as a metaphor?

Absolutely. Hesiod is quite deep, and as Aristotle's use of Hesiod's Eros demonstrates, profound meaning may be found hidden in the work. And Hesiod says, “ First of all things was Chaos made, and ...
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Has the mind's eye always been seen as residing in the head?

This answer assumes you are referring to the Third Eye, not the Mind's Eye. Yes, there are documented instances in other cultures where the seat for the cultural equivalence of the third eye is ...
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Why do so many cultures have monsters that prey on families?

The family unit was like a religion to people in the olden days and the importance of family honour more keenly felt, even to the extent that anything (bad) that happened in the family might have to ...
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