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What is signified by Genghis Khan being born with a blood clot in his hand?

In shamanic cultures a child born with something special: hair, tooth, extra toe or finger or blood clot is considered as special sign. In Hungarian mythology these children are considered as táltos. ...
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Are there any good online resources for Mongolian myths in English?

The only English source I have lying around here is; "Mongol creation stories: man, Mongol tribes, the natural world, and Mongol deities, by Nassen-Bayer and Kevin Stuart. It's not a big book (...
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How was Mongol religion influenced by Christianity?

This "falling from grace" story did not originate with Christianity. Take Tantalos for example, or Zeus banishing Hades to the underworld. As for earlier "fruit-picking" mythology, there's the story ...
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Who is Er Kishi in Mongol mythology?

Tengri, the chief deity of the Turkic pantheon, created Er Kishi to serve as his companion: In Turkic mythology, Tengri is a pure, white goose that flies constantly over an endless expanse of water, ...
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