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The first that comes to mind for me is Heimdall. He was a Norse god whose job was to watch over the Nine Realms and make sure nothing to crazy was happening. He was the gatekeeper of Asgard and he was in charge of who came over the Bifrost. He also had this horn that he was supposed to blow when Ragnarok was about to begin. He shows up in a lot of myths ...


Tiamat: Tiamat is a Mesopotamian creator goddess who, along with her mate Apsu represent the waters and together give birth to the gods. After the gods murder Apsu to gain power, Tiamat (portrayed as a sea dragon) gives birth to the first dragons and makes war on the gods in revenge. When she is killed by Marduk (sometimes also described as a dragon or being ...


Lilith from Christianity is considered the mother of demons. Supposedly, she mated with Samael and birthed a whole bunch of Demon spawn known as lilim.

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