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The article on Wikipedia gives as examples of temples with Kimon facing north-east: Enryaku-ji Kan'ei-ji These temples are deliberately constructed for the Kimon to face the nearby (Capitol) city, their function is to actually keep the Oni out of the city (i.e. build where the Oni would gather outside the city). Cities were built to have their Kimon ...


I think the answer to your question is no. Folklore is created primarily for the ears of children and would consist of imagery relevant to the culture of the area. By culture I mean natural aspects, type of landscape, textiles created from available materials, manners of speaking and daily rituals. First of all I don't see any close connection between the ...


These characters were created, like all mythological creatures, as a metaphor for somebody. Long after those people disappeared, Jews appeared and like most immigrants became the subject of negative imagery. The long story is complicated.


They weren't just insane followers, they were supposedly nurses too. They were mad because of alcohols and drugs, and showed the "dark" side of the party. Sometimes, drinking too much cause violence, sometimes violence cause death. "Real" followers of Dyonisos tried to emulate their madness with mushrooms and other psychotropes. For some reason, this is ...

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