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Is Odin brother of Loki?

The Marvel characters are not the real mythological characters and resemble the actual portrayals of the Norse gods in almost no ways beyond the superficial (name, vague powers). So any and all ...
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Elves and Dwarves in Norse Mythology

The main story of a named elf (as opposed to elves as a people/grouping) I can think of is that of Volund the smith. You can read about him in Völundarkviða (The Lay of Volund), part of the poetic ...
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Did Loki spend 8 years underground as a maid, milking cows and bearing children?

There is also a story that Loki ate the remains of a woman's heart that he found in the ashes of a wood fire. There is good reason to think that this heart belonged to the witch Gullveig who was ...
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How did the Norse ship burial ritual originate from?

Kurgan Culture Kurgans are large burial mounds that originated in Pontic steppe around 6000 BC. The horse was domesticated in the Pontic-Caspian steppe around 3500 BC, and the chariot was likely ...
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