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Why is the Oedipus complex named after Oedipus?

The full story (in short) of Oedipus is that his father heard a prophecy that his son will kill him. So he threw him away (basically ordered him to be killed but the killers spared him). After growing ...
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What purpose did the myth of Oedipus serve?

[Caveat: personal interpretation] The lesson is that Fate reigns supreme over mortals and that you can't escape it. It also acts as a meta-rule for other myths. Since prophecies are bestowed by the ...
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fate in mythology

A lot of Greek myths dealing with the concept of fate/destiny (Oedipus most clearly), are used to illustrate how you can't escape your fate, no matter how you try or what measures you take, it will ...
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How did the tone of Oedipus change with its retellings?

Theoi seems to have a listing of variants: From this point traditions again differ, for according to some, Oedipus in his blindness was expelled from Thebes by his sons and brother-in-law, Creon, who ...
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