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Why didn’t Zeus withhold fire from humans the second time?

You can't just take it back after humans have it, unless you destroy all the humans. Zeus, of course, considered this option on a few occasions, such as after his deeply disturbing run in with Lycaon,...
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What happened to Prometheus after Hercules freed him?

You are referring to the Aeschylus fragment "Prometheus Unbound". Unfortunately this play was mostly lost. (The source text can be found here: "The Prometheus bound of Aeschylus and the fragments ...
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Did Hermes ever somehow helped Prometheus, or not? Is he God of thieves, or what?

To answer your first question yes, Hermes was (among other things) a god of thievery. An excerpt from the Hermes Theoi page HERMES was the Olympian god of herds and flocks, travellers and ...
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How did Prometheus deceive Zeus?

Prometheus, acting on behalf of humankind, managed to trick Zeus into accepting only the bones and smoke of sacrificed animals - leaving the best bits, the edible meat and fat, to humans. The tale, ...
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Did the ancient Greeks establish a time when Prometheus gave fire to humans?

Pretty much, yes, at least according to one source, although that source, technically is Roman, from the time of Augustus Cæsar, and thus nearly a millennium later than Hesiod's Theogony. At the turn ...
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