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If the definition is "incision in live animals and removing their hearts for ritual purpose", then we find this in: Ancient Egypt Animals were mummified and their internal organs removed to be placed in canopic jars. Research by Richard Evershed, an expert on archaeological chemistry at the University of Bristol, found the same materials---...


Brides were expected to be virgins before marriage, although young people of both sex were advised to be celibate.[2] Marraige


1950's conservative: While I'm not an expert, from what I can find, the Aztecs had an attitude about sex that would have fit in the 1950's. Virginity was expected of women when they married, less so for men. Prostitutes were semi-official, but infidelity was punishable by death, as was homosexuality or sodomy of any kind. Naturally, "punishable by death&...

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