Heracles is said to have had intercourse with the 50 daughters of Thespius or Thestius in one night, all of whom bore him sons (Diodorus Siculus, Library 4.29.3) In another version, one daughter refused, making the number 49 (Pausanius, Description of Greece 9.27.6). However, in some less impressive versions, this took place over a week (Herodorus apud ...


Several real bird species are called "firebirds": subspecies of northern oriole, like Baltimore oriole various birds, having bright scarlet or orange plumage like Scarlet tanager Sharp-tailed grouse Vermilion flycatcher


It's Columbia. I can't tell you why she's dressed like that but Columbia was the symbol of the USA until after the Statue of Liberty was completed in the mid 1880s.

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