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What is the great gulf mentioned by Hesiod?

Yes, this "great gulf" (χάσμα μέγ') and chaos are one and the same. Gulf, chasm, abyss, void, or gap is an older meaning (LSJ; Wiki) for a term that in modern English has come to mean ...
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Why does Cronus have the power to cast hailstones, in the Dionysiaca of Nonnus?

The titans never really had specified "powers", per se. They were never worshipped as widely as the Olympians, and their role in mythology is mostly to be overthrown by their children. Since ...
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When and how did gigantic size become an attribute of the Titans?

Overview A major ingredient—perhaps the prime one—for the foundation for this does in fact seem to be the (con)fusion of the Titans with the Gigantes. The earliest evidence for this that I’m finding ...
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