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Why is Indra supplanted as chief God?

In the wikipedia link for post-vedic texts section, it states: In post-Vedic texts, Indra is depicted as an intoxicated hedonistic god, his importance declines, and he evolves into a minor deity ...
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Do vegetation deities tend to be connected with the Moon?

In terms of whether lunar deities in general tend to be connected to the moon, my high-level sense is that this is not the case per se, though I'd have to do more digging to be more definitive. ...
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Cows as symbols of Wisdom

I think there may be something to the Govinda idea, and the "white/wise" also links her to the Irish hero Finn, whose enlightenment came about because of her transgression. Her wisdom could also come ...
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How many gods are in Hindu mythology?

Some say there are 33 gods, while some say there are 330 million gods (33 crores or 33 Koti gods; 1 Koti = 1 crore = 10 million). But, koti in Sanskrit also means prime importance or supreme/central ...
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How many gods are in Hindu mythology?

The metaphysics of this is complicated. Multiple gods may have a relationship such that several are an aspect of another. In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, we find this passage: Then Vidagdha, the ...
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