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Is there any mention of human sacrifice in the mythologies of Britain of the period before advent of Christianity?

Yes, we have two main sources from the Early Roman Occupation era: Strabo, Geographies (64-21 BCE): The Romans put a stop both to these customs and to the ones connected with sacrifice and ...
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Which cultures worship boars?

Boars have been revered and worshiped by many cultures and regions throughout history. In ancient Greece, the wild boar was associated with the goddess Artemis, who was often depicted with a boar at ...
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Was hero worship the same as god worship?

In Proclusean hierarchy heroes were higher ranking than mortals, purified souls, daimons, lower than angels, archangels and Deities. They received worship and commemoration alike to the Gods. In fact ...
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In what ways did the Rus worship their gods?

Stacey Watson wrote an article on "Vladimir's pantheon", which is a reference to Vladimir the Great's reform of the Slavic paganist practices by unifying them into one central cult that ...
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