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Welcome to the where we endeavor to answer the questions, criticisms, and controversies raised by the 2013 film for Man of Steel fans and those excited by the anticipated DC Cinematic Universe.

MOSAIC Podcast

The Show

Man of Steel Answers Insight Commentary (MOSAIC) is a weekly audio show dedicated to diving deep into one of the most polarizing films in the superhero genre. Answering the questions, criticism, and controversies to gain insight into the DC Cinematic Universe. Far after Man of Steel’s release, the film is still discussed with passion and enthusiasm. This show will equip you to stand out in that discussion.

We tackle a MOSAIC of topics for fans of Man of Steel who are eagerly anticipating the DC Cinematic Universe. This show is not meant to convert anybody, reasonable minds will differ, but it’s for fans who love to chew their food.

We start with diegetic analysis for what happened in the film, then analyze the creative decisions that took place outside the film. Then see how those may guide the filmmakers for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Doc, your DC Cinematic Universe Apologist, will walk you through the answers logically to give you greater insight into the film and the minds of the filmmakers.

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