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Are there any other gods that permanently had an eye removed, other than Odin?
15 votes

It wasn't permanent, but I did find a similar story. In Hittite mythology, the sky/storm god Tarhunt had as his nemesis a snake/dragon god Illuyanka. Note the similarities here between the story of ...

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Who worshipped the Titans?
13 votes

There used to be a theory that the Titans were actually the gods of the inhabitants of (geographical) Greece before the Greeks invaded and took it over. The idea there is that the story of Titanomachy ...

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What is the connection of Egyptian mythology to Atlantis?
Accepted answer
12 votes

If there ever was one, we don't know what it was. Most likely, there never was one. The only real original source we have for the story of Atlantis is Plato. He used it as an allegory to help ...

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Was Zeus a compilation of gods?
9 votes

I haven't heard quite that theory. The theory about the Original source of Zeus that I tend to come across* is that the original proto-Indo-European people (PIE), based on comparative linguistic and ...

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How did horses become integrated into Navajo mythology?
8 votes

One important thing to note here is that many (most?) American Indians did not first get horses directly from the European traders or settlers. According to Jared Diamond what happened was that the ...

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How were the first children of Gaia conceived?
6 votes

Ourea I'd never heard of before, so I looked that one up. Turns out that was not one entity, but rather a word used to designate the mountains. Wikipedia names 10 of them, but other references I found ...

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Are there any other mythology with female warriors like Durga from the Hindu Mythology?
5 votes

Yes. A comment already mentioned Norse Freya, Celtic Morrigan, and Greek Artemis. My personal favorite that wasn't mentioned is the West African Oya (aka: Oiá, Yansá or Iansá), who I see associated ...

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Did ancient Egyptian gods have weapons like the Greek gods?
4 votes

It was fairly typical for Indo-European gods to have associated weapons or tools. For example, Thor's hammer and Lugh's spear. Vishnu, having 4 arms, can dual-wield a club and a oddjob-esque death ...

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What is the Native American term for Happy Hunting Ground?
2 votes

I'm afraid there probably isn't one. Growing up with some Native family myself, I gathered "Happy Hunting Ground" was not an actual native term they used, but rather one of those phrases white men ...

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Were Ancient Europeans religious?
2 votes

There has been a fair bit of work put into Proto-Indo-European religion construction. Some of it is of course arguable, but a lot of it is well-attested enough, and unique enough to Indo-Europeans, ...

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