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Are there any hunter gatherer gods?
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According to Wikipedia We Homo sapiens were Hunter-Gatherers some 0.2 million or 200,000 years ago But this trait was even previously employed by Homo erectus some 1.8 million years ago. By ...

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Where has ancient Hindu technology knowledge gone?
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Where has ancient technology knowledge gone? How did those technology ideas vanish? The ancient technologies you mentioned like Shudarshan Chakra, Brhmastra, Pushpak Viman (Pushpak flying chariot) ...

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How have ignorance and wisdom been represented in mythology?
3 votes

My answer covers personifications and deities of wisdom and ignorance from Hindu or Hinduism mythology point of view. In Hinduism mythology, there are various gods/goddesses which are associated with ...

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Who is Kali and where did he come from?
1 votes

Kali is basically a incarnation of sin god. He is enlisted in the category of Deva-Gandharva i.e. God- and nature spirits Prajapati kashyapa is the father of Kali and , kashyapa is son of ...

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Looking for a mythological flying creatures that has saved human life
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There is a very similar story found in Hindu epic Mahabharata - Adi Parva- Astika Parva - Section XXX, where "Garuda" the mighty eagle saved lives of "Valkhilyas" the great maharishis or sages. ...

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