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I think that is the most optimistic message you can think of every day: Everything is a scam. You see all of these different problems in the world, and you're like, I don't understand that thing. A lot of the reasons why people don't go into different fields is that they think, 'there's this expert status around this field which means I can't ever infiltrate it.' And the thing I want to remember every day is, 'expertise is a scam.' It's a power hierarchy that's been created in the industry to prevent other people from getting into it. Academia is a scam. Venture capital is a scam. But: if you realize that, you can do anything. It reminds you that if you have high integrity and you want to go solve a problem, it will probably take you pretty far. Like, more far than playing the traditional game, which is a scam.

Any game you want to play, just go play it.

-- Riva-Melissa Tez

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