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A civilisation said to have been lost underwater according to Greek mythology.

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How many lost continents are in Mythology?

A majority of people will know of Atlantis. It is a Greek, fictional island, misregarded as oral history. Atlantis is mentioned in Plato's works Timaeus and Critias and is placed in the Atlantic Ocean....
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What is the connection of Egyptian mythology to Atlantis?

As writing an answer to my own question, I came across this, Plutarch, Life of Solon 26. 1 (trans. Perrin) (Greek historian C1st - C2nd A.D.) : "He [Solon] also spent some time in studies with ...
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In mythology, where and what was Atlantis? [duplicate]

There has been a whole bunch of speculation of where Atlantis is/ was. It apparently was a myth of a lost city where gods went, and did some stuff. But where and what was it in mythology?
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What was Plato's inspiration for the Atlantis myth?

Did an island actually sink in ancient Greece, due to a volcanic eruption or some other cataclysmic event perhaps? Was it completely wiped off the map by a tsunami? Did Plato base his story on fact ...
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What parallels are there beween the myths of Atlantis and Mu?

Atlantis is a mythic civilisation lost underwater according to European mythology. The Continent of Mu is a mythic civilisation lost underwater according to pre-columbian South American mythology. ...
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