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For questions regarding the mythology of the Maori people of New Zealand.

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Is there a Maori legend about a demon's heart at the bottom of a lake?

In the second episode of the first season of the television series Top of the Lake, a beautiful Maori legend is mentioned: You know there's a, Maori legend about this lake That says there's a ...
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What characteristics of the Māori gods explain the shape of their "godsticks"?

According to the Wikipedia article on Māori mythology, the gods Tūmatauenga (god of war), Tāhirimātea (storm god), Tāne (god of forests), Tangaroa (sea god), Rongo (god of cultivated plants and peace),...
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Why did Tāne marry his own daughter?

In Maori mythology, the progenitor of humanity was Tāne, a child of Father Sky and Mother Earth. In the more popular version of the tale, Tāne - desiring a mate - created the first woman using the ...
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