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For questions about the mythology of the people of Polynesia, and group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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Who are the deities of natural order, justice or wisdom?

I'm seeking names of deities who embody the values of natural order, justice, or wisdom/knowledge. I've already gone through the ancient Greek ones, listed below, but I would like different sounding ...
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Did Papahānaumoku die?

Papahānaumoku is the Polynesian mother island goddess. While looking her up on Wikipedia, I see this line: Papanuihanaumoku, also known as Papa and Papatuanuku died in Waieri, Tahiti. I Googled ...
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Is there a source for Māui pushing up the sky because he saw that humans were suffering?

While researching this answer, I came across two different versions of why Māui pushed up the sky: either to impress a girl with his power, or because he saw that humans were suffering. But... the ...
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Why did Tāne marry his own daughter?

In Maori mythology, the progenitor of humanity was Tāne, a child of Father Sky and Mother Earth. In the more popular version of the tale, Tāne - desiring a mate - created the first woman using the ...
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Where did the Easter Islanders come from, according to their own myths?

My understanding of the origin myth of the Easter Islanders (Rapa Nui) is that they had a legendary founder named Hotu Matu'a, who came to the island, and who was the direct patrilineal ancestor of ...
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