I'm seeking names of deities who embody the values of natural order, justice, or wisdom/knowledge.

I've already gone through the ancient Greek ones, listed below, but I would like different sounding names from other cultures, such as the Americas, Africa, Oceania, and the rest of Europe.

Kybélê Díkē Dikaiosýnē Eunomía Korýbantes Praxidíkē Nómos Athēnâ Thémis


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yama_(Hinduism)#Brahma_Purana yama is the god of death and justice in Hinduism which I found interesting. https://norse-mythology.net/forseti-the-god-of-justice-in-norse-mythology/ and another god of justice, norse mythology.
https://www.ancient.eu/Thoth/ and toth, egyption god of wisom. Hopefully close to what you were looking for, most pantheon god discussions end up about the greeks or egyptions, but theres others out there

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