I really want to know if there is a creature that adopts or take care of children. I tried to find one myself but it almost shows a creature that scares children or eats them which is the opposite of what I want.

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In mythology, there are plenty of examples, the best known are:

  • Romulus and Remus were nursed by the Capitoline Wolf
  • Enkidu, raised by unspecified beasts, becomes the friend of the hero Gilgamesh
  • Atalanta was raised by a she bear after her father abandoned her in a forest

In real life, we have documented cases:

  • Dina Sanichar, discovered among wolves in a cave in Sikandra (near Agra) in Uttar Pradesh, India in 1872, at the age of 6.
  • Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja (ca. 1946, Sierra Morena, Spain) lived for 12 years with wolves in the mountains of Southern Spain. He was discovered at age 19

See here for a list of documented cases of feral children. Note that the veracity for many in this list is contended.

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