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Questions pertaining to the benevolent spirits(sometimes said to be lesser or inferior gods) from Greek Mythology

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Identifying Greco-Roman Mythology reference in Krazy Kat Kartoon

Some months ago I answered a question over on the Literature SE. The question was about a Krazy Kat strip from 1936. In the cartoon, Offisa Pupp takes a nap; he dreams that he meets Krazy and then ...
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What deities did only one city/state recognize?

In research of past questions, I came across Eleos. Eleos is the personified daemon (lesser/inferior god) of piety, mercy, clemency (leniency), and compassion. She was always depicted as a young woman ...
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Does hubris have an opposite?

Hubris is a Greek term that means excessive/deadly pride or arrogance before the gods. She is also a personified daemon. Soon after one succumbs to Hubris, Nemesis enacts retribution. Since hubris is ...
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Why are some daemons not labeled as gods?

The original meaning (and spelling) of daemon was inferior god (lesser deity). Kind of like titan meaning Stretchers or Strainers. Daemones are also called personified spirits. Examples: Agathodaemon ...
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