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Are dwarves and dark elves the same?

The thirteenth-century writings of Snorri Sturluson are remarkable, but they must be placed in context. He wrote long after conversion, and his work was likely affected by the fogging of the lens ...
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Why does Óðr (Oder) travel away from Freyja?

The main issue here to answer this question is that we don't know anything about Óðr. He is only mentioned in : the paragraph you quoted from the Gylfaginning; stanza 25 of the Völuspá: Þá ...
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Are dwarves and dark elves the same?

Norse mythology often alludes to nine worlds. Eight of these are known with relative certainty: Asgard, realm of the Aesir Vanaheim, realm of the Vanir Alfheim, realm of the (light) elves Midgard, ...
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Who is the sword juggler in the Gylfaginning?

The supposedly nameless sword juggler is a well known figure in the Norse mythology. He's the son of Odin and Frigg, and is the messenger of the gods. His name is Hermod or, Hermóðr the Brave. The ...
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Are dwarves and dark elves the same?

The issue with figuring the answer to this is to know that Norse mythology now has been convoluted by old Christianity. This was done to make people who follow the Norse mythology to be easier to lead ...
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Are dwarves and dark elves the same?

These lists of the nine worlds are modern speculations/generalisations. I would like to see elder literature or source material support this. Don't forget that the bardic and scholarly tradition ...
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Are dwarves and dark elves the same?

In Tolkien's Silmarillion the Dark Elves (Moriquendi) are definitely elves and distinct from dwarves. Tom Shippey, a professor of Old and Middle English, believed that Tolkien took the concept from ...
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Does Odin choose who enters Valhalla?

The Valkyrie carry the spirit of the fallen warrior to Asgaard and all who come are not turned away. Those who wish may go to the hall of Freya. This was to maintain peace between family members. Odin ...
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