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Mjölnir, in Norse mythology, just weighs a lot. You don't have to be worthy, but you won't be able to lift it anyway, as it weighs a massive amount.


There is some controversy in Norse studies about whether the idea of Ragnarok originates in paganism or if it was the result of Christian influence on the Nords at that time. There is a good argument to be made that it goes back to Indo-European myth since the idea is found in Persian (Zoroastrian) myth well before the Christian Era (Frashokereti). Hinduism ...


I can't provide any sources. But i sort of remember when i have looked into this. It seemed there may have been a war of beliefs going on. To have greater foothold in Scadanavia... The creation story of adam and eve may have been adopted into norse religion from political powers wanting to christen the population. With Viking Kings conquering many christian ...

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