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Unfortunately, our knowledge of Continental Germanic mythology is extremely limited, due to the fragmentary nature of the available sources. We know that Continental Germanic mythology and Norse mythology both originated from the body of myths of the speakers of the Proto-Germanic language (the wikipedia page on Proto-Germanic folklore provides a very nice ...


Odin Hoenir and Loki appear as a trio in Haustliong the prologue to the theft of Idunn and in Loka Tattur the three are summoned separately to aid a farmer's boy from a giant. After the first 2 fail Loki is successful, arare example oh his doing a good deed without being compelled to do so. Loki may also be Loourr


Let me start by pointing out that most of what is written in the website you linked has no basis whatsoever in the sources that make up the old Norse corpus. Regarding owls (old Norse ugla), their mentions in the old Norse corpus are extremely scant. Rather uninterestingly, they appear in lists of birds and ship names in Skáldskaparmál. However, a quite ...

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