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Is Odin Thor's father?

As you say Snorri Sturluson writes this cited text in the prologue to his Prose Edda, one of our chief sources of Norse mythology. The old Scandinavian worshipers did not have a written language ...
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How do you say and write "Question" in Norse?

Questions have very important meaning in the Eddas; large parts of them are structured around a question-answer format (e.g. Gylfaginning in Snorri's Edda and Vafþrúðnismál in the Poetic Edda). This ...
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What is the difference between the Prose Edda and the Poetic Edda?

The "Poetic Edda" is used to refer to a group of poems dealing with the Norse Gods and heroes. There doesn't seem to be a single version, but all versions draw from the Codex Regius. Although the ...
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Does the Prose Edda have a Hungarian translation?

Towards an answer: You might look here. Beke's Stories From the Edda may (or may not!) be (all or part of) Snorra Edda. Perhaps better, István Bernáth's Skandináv Mitológia appears to contain an ...
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What Christian influences are there in the Prose Edda, besides the prologue?

The short answer is it's hard to know. I'd personally think that the end of Ragnarok, where one man and one woman survive and repopulate the earth, and Heimdall (called The White God in Gylfaginning), ...
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