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What are some myths involving Capricorn?

Capricornus, as a constellation, is seen in the Babylonian MUL.APIN tablets, believed to be compiled around 1000 BC, named SUḪUR.MÁŠ (as can the rest of the modern zodiac, in one form or another). ...
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Why does the astrology sign for cancer seem to represent a yin and yang?

If you read the book "Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation" it briefly mentions the following. The symbol for Cancer represents a crab's claws and also ...
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Why was the Babylonian zodiac divided into 12 equal segments?

I take the liberty of referring you to my answer to a similar question in the History of Science forum.
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How were the constellations named?

You may find this an interesting read: The Celestial River: Identifying the Ancient Egyptian Constellations This astronomical study of the night sky in ancient Egypt, using modern software, ...
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What graphical symbols, if any, have been used for the three "modalities" in western or other astrological systems?

What we call "Western" astronomy has its roots is Mesopotamian astronomy, it came to us by the book of Ezekiel, which copies the Babylonian model. The association of zodiac signs with elements and ...
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If the ox tiger is an unlucky direction, why build an entrance to it?

The article on Wikipedia gives as examples of temples with Kimon facing north-east: Enryaku-ji Kan'ei-ji These temples are deliberately constructed for the Kimon to face the nearby (Capitol) city, ...
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