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What is the Norse equivalent to the Great Flood?

The Norse flood myth is actually a flood of blood, created when Odin, Vili and Vé slew Ymir, the primeval ancestor of the jötnar. From Snorri's Prose Edda: The sons of Bor slew the giant Ymer, but ...
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Does every culture have a deluge myth?

Does every culture have some sort of deluge myth? Possibly, but it is impossible to say for sure. Major culture systems are a different matter. For example, if we combine all North American Indian ...
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What is the Norse equivalent to the Great Flood?

Well though I see the question has been answered. You have asked for other versions of the myth as well. This story originated in Hindu mythology, It is called 'The myth of Manu'. The Hindi word for ...
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What started the flood in Sumerian Mythology?

It is not known because the relevant part of the Sumerian version of the myth is missing, but in later versions the cause is the god Enlil. From an article in The Great Flood: Sumerian ...
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Common theme that humans had longer lifespans before the flood?

The Ancient Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest surviving written tablets of which are dated to 1800 BC, written in Akkadian (language of the Assyrians and Babylonians) and based on earlier ...
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Common theme that humans had longer lifespans before the flood?

It could certainly fit under the general idea of devolution by which species degrade instead of advance. There is also the idea of idealization of previous generations (which exists commonly as old ...
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Why did the gods use flooding to wipe out the human race?

Wikipedia has an article dedicated to floods in mythology. From what I understand of the "Claims of historicity" section in the article, there were many great floods in the wake of the last ...
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When are the flood myths in mythologies?

The dates mentioned on Wikipedia's article on the subject concerning the historical basis of floods in myths (in chronological order): 6600 BC It has been postulated that the deluge myth in North ...
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The Last Glacial Period in Myth

Its more than possible, I know there are stories from the tribes of that event, the descriptions are too vivid. Just like its been proven that the Klamath kept the story of the formation of Crater ...
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Tamil mythology: Where can I find Nakkirar's description of the Sangams? (English translation if possible.)

Some time after posting that question, I asked the same question on another forum, and received the following translation from a Tamil poet called Vijayanarasimhan. He goes into more detail in his ...
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Are Noah and Ziusudra the same person?

You cannot deny the Hebrew-Sumerian connection, for example: in creation, both stories identify creation of modern man as the Adamu (derived from Adam); then, there was Abraham who was raised up from ...
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The Last Glacial Period in Myth

How about Fimbulwinter from Norse myth? Fimbulwinter was a long winter that proceeded Ragnarök in Norse myth. This in turn was the final war of the gods and the almost complete destruction of ...
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The Last Glacial Period in Myth

Something definitely with snow and ice: According to some, the Aymaran creator god was the snow god, Kun. Angry at human beings, Kun once covered creation with snow and ice, and nothing but ...
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